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database project

I've improved the program for the telecine subscriber database to
include a country sort and a 'blind email' feature.

You can sort the subscriber data by state or country, and a click on
the first name of a subscriber will open a form for email; this form
and page source doesn't ever reveal the address of the recipient, so
is relatively secure from the prospect of spamming the group-- someone
would have to go through some extreme manual work to send everyone the
same email, and still wouldn't have the subscriber addresses, as they
are hidden in the database files.

The database itself is still in an embryonic state, this is the part
that will take some time to enable, with some help from TIG member
Steve Darsey.  So the whole thing is not quite useful yet-- sort of an
alpha release, to engender feedback.

the URL is 'http://www.alegria.com/telecine/temp/index.phtml'. 


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