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Very pleased..

"I just wanted to thank the folks  at  da Vinci for being serious about
requests from the people who make a living running their equipment."

Great subject! (congrats to mssrs. daVinci it takes hard work to get it right)

While I have not yet seen this manual, I had a similar experience yesterday with
software from Borland. A problem boiled down to finding a file, and "hey" the
best read.me plus abit more I have ever seen. Sitting there right when i needed

Also, MS95 for better or worse, but I am running Word 7 and the other day I
looked for  assistance and suddenly it took control of the mouse a did it for me
- impressive!

Returning to manuals in our area of profession. They are a bit like a former
aquaintance of mine, she always judged the restaurant by its desserts. Many
products can be judged by their manuals before beeing plugged in - are we in

Wich are the best  or  worst manuals around? What makes a really good manual?

Mike R