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Well, at the risk of not being taken seriously again, I feel compelled to
report the following:

At IBC 1996 in Amsterdam I ran into Mr. Bengt Orhall formally of AB
Film-Technic Film Labs (Sweden).  It was he who first had suggested the use
of Iso-Butyl Benzene (Ibroprofen) as a suitable replacement for Trichlor in
negative film cleaning well over a year ago.  He gave a paper on this at
WME 1995.

He now reports than in the year since then he has had absolutely no
problems with the chemical at all.

He has also been using it for all wet-gate printing as well, since it has a
perfect index of refraction in that application.

I asked Mr. Orhall to prepare an update to his important paper, but he
could not attend WME 1996 this year.  I have not yet heard back from him
about the update.

Does RTI or anyone else have any further information about using this
chemical in the states?



Neil B. Feldman
Video Post and Transfer, Inc.
neilfeld at imssys.imssys.com