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Re: You Be The Judge

))A good statistician could, of course, argue with these figures, not least
because the sample was of people who wanted to win a prize from Cintel!
They are some indication, though, of the way people were thinking at IBC.((

True.  One also should realize that most of the people filling in the
questionaire were likely URSA users (given the few Spirit users there are so
far) and people tend to boost their own systems in face of perceived
competition.  Makes them feel that they have made the right decision.  I know
I am as guilty as the next person of this -- I boost the Media 100, or the
DA88 over their competitors, as I own these systems and like them.  Not to
say that I wouldn't also like (one I used, or had a chance to own) their
competitors.  In the case of the Spirit, many people probably won't own one
for a while, as they are pricey, so perhaps tended to rally to the defense of
their URSA.

Just a thought.  There is room for both systems in this world, and room for
Quadras and Turbos and plain old IIIcs and FDL60s too.  The right machine for
the job at a budget that fits.  

(There might not be much room for ADS1s and Marconis, though...)

Jeff "not likely to be able to afford a Spirit for a long long long time"