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Re: You Be The Judge

30/10/96     6:59 pm    Re>You Be The Judge
Martin Parsons                   >>>                 The Mill   40/41 Great...

>Dave Fenton wrote:
"Somewhat controversially, at IBC Cintel ran a questionnaire, inviting
potential buyers to make a direct comparison of the relative strengths and
weaknesses of our URSA Gold and the new Philips Spirit. We have analysed
the results, and we offer them here without comment."

Well, what comprehensive statistics. Looks like Spirit is going to lose out
not just on price but quality as well !!
I'm really surprised that this was posted on this forum.
If Cintel were serious about such a comparison then they should commission a
reputable market-research group to carry out an *independent* survey.
What I'd be much more interested in learning from Cintel was what they intend
to do with their next generation of telecine and when it's due to be
That would make far more interesting reading.
Simply slagging off the opposition is frankly juvenile. That's what certain
political parties do in the UK (when they know that they're not going to win).

Martin Parsons
Senior Engineer
The Mill
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