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Re: If the shoe fits, wear it.

On Oct 30, 18:33, Howie Burch wrote (forwarded with permission):
} Subject: If the shoe fits, wear it.

> I agree with the consensus. After only a short time of becomming aware
> and receiving the telecine internet group digest I see a great value to
> all telecine users, both operators and managers.
> You have my word that once Nice Shoes is up and running we will support
> you in a more "corporate" maner. (God knows, we're only a small shop but
> we'll do our best) You should take great pride in heading this forum,
> pride well deserved.

Well, thanks Howie, that's kind of you.

> I'm truly amazed by the insight and intelligence of our fellow peers on
> so many subjects. (At some of the Telecine partys you'd never know it) 
> But when push comes to shove, we all seem to have only one thing in
> mind, making the best pictures possible. That's what it's all about. 

There really has been a great deal of extremely valuable knowledge
propagated via this group.  We started this thing 2.5 years ago
--on the internet, that's a virtual lifetime-- original participants
were myself, Bob Festa, Mike Most, Mike Goslin, Randy Starnes, Marc
Wielage, Bill Topazio... interestingly, those early messages tended to
be 'air-it-out' blasts at whatever equipment was frustrating us at the
time-- but then the manufacturers of the equipment joined the
mailinglist, and we were forced to be more polite ;-).  (take a look
at the archives sometime)

I'd like to thank a few participants for their very thoughtful,
learned contributions to this group over time: Christopher Bacon, Dave
Corbitt, Dave Tosh, Paul Grace, Seamus O'Kane, Martin Parsons, Kevin

We're truly an international community, virtual only in name.


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