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Re-RTS steadiness

>Well, At SMA we use Meta/RTS on the Ursa Gold. I cannot think of a reason 
>why I would EVER mechanically pin a job again! 
>Dave Satin
>Executive Vice President>SMA Video Inc. 

At Editel Chicago (may it rest in peace - and may the murderers be 
brought to justice someday) we switched from steadigate to RTS on our 
Ursa 8 months or more before I left.  I was the main compositor there and 
very fussy about registration with jobs that demanded perfect alignment - 
and a big skeptic about RTS.  Craig Leffel got an RTS in and proved that 
it was beyond acceptable.  We never did another job on the non-real-time 
pins and I never had any problem with steadiness.  The only drawback was 
the inability to do long recursive noise reduction on a frame, but the 
Ursa was generally quiet enough to pull that off.
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