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Re: Re-RTS steadiness

On Oct 30, 23:27, Jeff Heusser wrote:
} Subject: Re-RTS steadiness

> At Editel Chicago (may it rest in peace - and may the murderers be 
> brought to justice someday) we switched from steadigate to RTS on our 
> Ursa 8 months or more before I left.  I was the main compositor there and 
> very fussy about registration with jobs that demanded perfect alignment - 
> and a big skeptic about RTS.  Craig Leffel got an RTS in and proved that 
> it was beyond acceptable.  We never did another job on the non-real-time 

Jeff, do you know if that machine was fitted with the hires Metaspeed
kit, or was this before it was available?

On modern Ursa Golds, I've heard that RTS with JumpFree is equal to
RTS with Metaspeed's hires tach.  Would anyone care to comment about


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