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Re: You Be The Judge

On Oct 30, 11:57am, David Fenton wrote:
> Subject: You Be The Judge
> Somewhat controversially, at IBC Cintel ran a questionnaire, inviting
> potential buyers to make a direct comparison of the relative strengths and
> weaknesses of our URSA Gold and the new Philips Spirit.

> Noise: overall preference 49% URSA, 51% Spirit. Good: 76% URSA, 73% Spirit.
> Bad: 6% URSA, 4% Spirit.

	Concerning noise I have some interesting D1 tapes at Duboi with 625
output of FLH 1000 and Spirit with no noise reduction, and since I will have
Twigi fitted in december on my Gold I am quite impatient to see the difference,
my Gold is not a reference but with Twigi I will get the best of Flying spot, I
think Cintel should come over to check my telecine before the test.

> Zoom range: overall preference 56% URSA, 44% Spirit. Good: 91% URSA, 58%
> Spirit. Bad: 4% URSA, 20% Spirit.
	Zoom range is better on the Ursa than on the Spirit but quality and
resolution are better on the Spirit when zooming.


JC Soret