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Re: Holy Cow

On Nov 1, 14:17,  DAVID V KELESHIAN wrote:
} Subject: Holy Cow

> the "Recycler" (a LA paper where one can put ads for free) I saw a MKIII
> for sale ($60.000 US) a FDL 60 ($30.000 US) and
> a Marconi ($25.000 US). Unbelievable.

Indeed amazing, who in our business would think to pick up a 'Recycler'
to look for telecine equipment?

And what owner of such gear would think that someone would think to
pick up a 'Recycler' to find telecine equipment?

Does anyone know who is doing the advertising?  If so, please send me
the information privately (not on the mailinglist) so we don't
inadvertently give the advertiser their best possible audience for


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