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1997 Nerdie Award

If you remember,  Options put out the call for nominations for the 2nd Annual
Nerdie Award which is to be given at the next Telecine Fun Night (Tuesday
night during NAB '97).  In our last edition of the OPTIONal Newsletter, we
posted the deadline for nominations as November 29.  

Since the final ballot will be printed in the December issue of the OPTIONal
Newsletter... and since our schedule dictates that we go to press with that
issue next week... we need to move the deadline up.  Please send your
nominations (via FAX or E-mail) to Options no later than this Friday,
November 8.   You can reach us at:

FAX:  (615) 327-1326
E-Mail:  optionspj at aol.com

Remember, we need the nominee's name and company, and a brief reason why this
person should be considered.  Also, we need the name, company and phone
number of the person nominating.

We have already received several nominations... and we look forward to seeing
yours by the end of this week.

All the best,