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Re: stock recommendation sought

At 02:29 PM 11/4/96 -0800, Rob Lingelbach wrote:

>> Hello Rob,
>> 5279 is the best high speed stock for his application.  I would also
>> recommend he underexpose one stop but process normally.  It will transfer
>> much more easily as the contrasts will match better.
>Why underexpose in this situation?  

I hope Geoff meant to say overexpose -- because that's what he is describing.
Even with 79 though, you'll find that the pro recommendation for 500 asa
stocks is really around 320, so overexposing a stop takes it to around
640-700. BUT, as in past discussions, most of us tell our clients to
overexpose by 1/2 to a whole stop as normal m.o. (I'm going to ignore recent
discussion by many DP's that 87 should be underexposed because I disagree). 

All this talk makes for nothing but confusion. The way I would answer the
question is this; It totally depends on the subject material. In low
contrast, dark situations you're going to have problems without pre-flashing
the film.
(See panavision pre-flash attachment). In high/normal contrast situations I
would recommend rating at 500 asa, taking a highlight reading, and adding at
least 2 stops to it. Meters assume that whatever they are looking at is
middle grey (zone 5 ). Most highlights need to be brighter than that (zone 6
or 7) so you add more light( zone 5 + 2 stops is zone 7). The main concern
becomes creating sufficient neg density to hold highlights AND blacks, while
maintaining a contrast ratio that when corrected yeilds as much dynamic
range (zones) as possible. 

I have been intrigued by all the Spirit discussion and all I can say is that
if it's come down to what makes a perfect car grill and can also scan a
frame at half the inherent resolution -- I'm going have another martini. 

Here's hoping that it's still more about the knob twister than the twistee...


Craig Leffel
Telecine colorist
Post Effects
Chicago, Il
aleffel at ix.netcom.com
cleffel at aol.com