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Re: stock recommendation sought

No, I meant underexpose.

If you're trying to get a 1000 rating with a 500 stock then you are
automatically underexposing it.

The real question is whether you push process it or not.

I wouldn't do this if I was post producing on tape, the benefits of the
extra density are far outweighed by the grain increase and the harsher

Now print is a different matter, as is scanning in Cineon, there I would
want a denser neg., going about 2/3 rds over as you suggest. But that
wouldn't help me with a 1000 rating I'd definitely have to push AND do a
low level flash.

I've always wondered why I had less problems with grain than a lot of other
DP's, I may have got the answer last week, I compared my printer lights
with all the other rushes going through the lab. Mine were consistently 4
points heavier. And I know that this doesn't agree with what I've said
above, but I believe that a push process will make the grain problem even