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Re: stock recommendation sought

In a message dated 11/6/96 12:13:48 AM, Craig wrote:

>I hope Geoff meant to say overexpose -- because that's what he is
>Even with 79 though, you'll find that the pro recommendation for 500 asa
>stocks is really around 320, so overexposing a stop takes it to around

Actually, Craig, if the stock were rated at 320, and you exposed it rating it
at 640, that would be underexposing it a stop (i.e. giving it less light than
Kodak says it needs).  Also remember that unlike almost all color neg stocks,
'77 and '87 do not like to be overexposed, and get grainier when you do so.
 Not true of '79 of course.

Craig adds:

))In low
contrast, dark situations you're going to have problems without pre-flashing
the film.((

Actually, flashing (or using a lo-con stock like '77) is best in contrasty
situations.  In dark situations, with low contrast, all it does is raise up
the base fog level.  Flashing helps deal with contrasty situations by
effectively bringing up everything, but of course it only effects shadow
detail, as a tiny bit of extra exposure won't do a thing to a hot highlight.

I'd trust Geoff Boyle here, as he does a lot of stock testing for the Great
Yellow Father (as EK used to be called).

Jeff "just push it a couple stops" Kreines