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Assistant wanted, Dallas

Telecine Assistant Wanted in Dallas, Tx.

Premier Film Transfer boutique in Dallas, Tx. seeking *highly* 
experienced telecine assistant for day shift.
* Must be conversant and experienced in all phases of commercial film 
transfer technology.
* Highly technical, detail-oriented candidate is desired.
* Attractive salary based on level of experience.
* Desire to relocate to Dallas, Tx., (or leave L.A.).
* Intimate environment where you make a direct impact.
* Highly competitive market.

Contact:	Dean Humphus or Tony Saldi
e-mail resume	dhumphus at airmail.net
or s-mail to: 	The Filmworkers Club
		3400 Carlisle St. Suite 105
		Dallas, Tx. 75204
		(214) 754-9333 vox
		(214) 754-9332 fax