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Re: Barcode performance

>  Has anyone noticed any variance in performance of barcodes in regards
> to film stocks or manufacturers? Do you find some read better or worse?
> Do you find yourself changing Keycode
> offsets mid reel?
>  I have. I am just wondering if anyone else has.
>  Dave

	We experience the same problems, more so with print than with negative
stock.  I haven't noticed any corellation between the reading ability
and the manufacturer of the film, though.  The Evertz Keykode reader
still has occasional problems with print stock, although they're much
better the old Cinema Products readers we used some years ago.  Funny
thing though... sometimes one reel of print stock reads just fine, while
another reel won't read at all.  And yet when you look at the barcodes
imprinted on each one, they look identical, in both form and density (at
least to the naked eye).  Go figure.
	A problem we occasionally have with the Evertz readers is the
accumulation of dirt in the reader head.  The head has some *very* small
slits to pass the light through, and sometimes these will get clogged up
to the point that an air blast won't clean them out.