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Re: Digital Audio board

At 04:46 PM 11/6/96 EST, you wrote:
>Our requirements are 4 AES EBU ports (8 inputs)and 4 bus outs with
monitoring, at 
>least. If anyone has experience with or knowledge of a more suitable and
>straight-forward to operate board that meets these specifications,
>please respond asap.
>                            Thanks in advance-- Ed Walden

I would consider a Yamaha O2R digital console perhaps.  It is quite
flexible, and the price is reasonable (about $9K). You can get a variety of
expansion cards for it, one of which is AES audio I/O.  Once the intital
learning curve is overcome, it is fairly easy to operate. It is becoming
quite popular. It also has analog I/O.
If you have to pull down the digital audio to video, the most cost effective
and easy sample rate converter I've seen is from Z Systems.  
For more money, the Zaxcom or Graham Patten Dsam boards might be worth a
look. I don't have direct experience with either, but a lot of people seem
to like them. I believe the Zaxcom has built in sample rate converters.

Craig Nichols