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Re: Pan and Scan

>On Nov 6, 21:06, Tom McMahon wrote:
>} Subject: Pan and Scan
>> Hi there.  Where would one go to find out the Pan and Scan command
>> and control interface protocol for Telecine type devices?

I am CC:ing to the group as well as to Tom. . .

I will take "Telecine type devices" to refer mostly to our beloved Cintel
manufactured MarkIII and URSA flying spot telecines as well as Phillips
family of line array CCD devices (FDLxx).

The command protocol for the (Rank) Cintel MKIII is DC control voltages
usually 0..+5V. There is a group of machines fitted with the DAVE Digital
Deflection / Turbo 2 system that uses a serial command stream or the
traditional analog voltage control. The serial protocol is not standardized
and is not published although the designer may make it available if asked

The URSA class machines use a proprietary serial command protocol that is
subject to license restrictions and $$$. Contact a represenative of Cintel.

The Phillips family of telecines also use a serial command protocol that is
unique to the machine. I have the impression that is could be made
avaialble but have never had the reason to enquire further.

There has been no work done (that I know of) in the SMPTE WG on digital
control on a dialect of the ES-buss to control telecine's pan & scan. There
is an approved dialect for transport and color processor control. Although
it was approved by the SMPTE WG, I think it was only published by the ITU
(formerly EBU.)

--- David Tosh  dlt at earthlink.net
--- Video Engineer, Complete Post, Hollywood