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Re: Barcode performance

> Has anyone noticed any variance in performance of barcodes in regards
>to film stocks or manufacturers? Do you find some read better or worse?
>Do you find yourself changing Keycode
>offsets mid reel?

The two Eastman monochrome negative stocks are troublesome to read with the
first generation of Evertz heads. I always hated to see that stock on the
URSA for that reason in addition to the grey powder that builds up on the

I wouldn't expect to have to change keykode offsets for a roll except when
the system wasn't able to handle scan tracking. In Evertz systems, the
centering operation should be done at the head of each roll and after any
perf slip is done. It should also only be done after rolling forward to
seat the gate tach sprocket teeth in the normal operating relationship the
the perfs. For three perf 35mm use, I also recommend that the centering be
done on the reference frame in the first foot of the 3perf yard. (It
doesn't hurt to keep your calibrated dead chicken handy...)

--- David Tosh  dlt at earthlink.net
--- Video Engineer, Complete Post, Hollywood