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Re: Digital Audio board

>     In  planning the next expansion of our color correct department, we
>     have run into trouble finding an appropriate digital audio board. At
>     the present time, we are slated to purchase a Sony DMX-E3000. This,
>     however, leaves quite a bit to be desired operationally and tends to
>     be a bit of overkill. Our requirements are 4 AES EBU ports (8 inputs)
>     and 4 bus outs with monitoring, at least.
>       If anyone has experience with or knowledge of a more suitable and
>     straight-forward to operate board that meets these specifications,
>     please respond asap.
>                            Thanks in advance-- Ed Walden

We have installed the Yamaha O2R digital board in a telecine suite. I am
not completely happy with its suitibility to the task but boy is it

It is not a true 4 buss output board but you can use it sorta like one if
you are willing to get creative. But boy is it affordable.

It is also HUGE. It takes up much more space on the console than I would
like but then it has those entertaining motorized faders. But boy is it

--- David Tosh  dlt at earthlink.net
--- Video Engineer, Complete Post, Hollywood