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re: Barcode Performance

> [ From: David Keleshian * EMC.Ver #2.5.1 ] --
> Has anyone noticed any variance in performance of barcodes in regards
>to film stocks or manufacturers? Do you find some read better or worse?
>Do you find yourself changing Keycode
>offsets mid reel?
> I have. I am just wondering if anyone else has.
> Dave


Evertz Microsystems publishes a series of very thorough tutorials and
troubleshooting guides downloadable over their at BBS (905) 335-9131, most
of them being written by the master himself, Alan Lambshead.  You should
check 'em out.

We haven't had to relearn or adjust the head offset for any reason really.
Depending on what scanner you are using, there is a bug in a fairly recent
version of 4025 software that may affect the accuracy of displayed KeyKode.
The bug related to the Ursa Gold only.