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Re: Digital Audio board

>It is also HUGE. It takes up much more space on the console than I would
>like but then it has those entertaining motorized faders. But boy is it
>--- David Tosh  dlt at earthlink.net
>--- Video Engineer, Complete Post, Hollywood

You're right. It is huge, and not perfect.  But it is affordable. I heard of
some Colorists compare the O2R to an "Aircraft Carrier", which is why we use
them only in Audio Layback. Maybe someday Yamaha could use the existing O2R
AES I/O modules to make simple digital 16 x 4 (or 8) console.  Perhaps the
O4R Jr.? Meanwhile, I'll stick with analog. Still, if your clients require
digital, and you've got the console Real Estate, the Yamaha could work well.

Craig Nichols