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Re: Keylink 6.0, 24 at 30, AVID, & the meaning of life...

	I have been reading your messages about barcode performance, keycode
accuracy etc, I would like to point that from my experience, I have never
noticed any correlation between film stock and difficulties in barcode reading
because I always have 100% barcode rate in negative. But with positive the
problems always happens with the same labs, some know how to make good prints
with readable keycode, some others don't.
	Here at Duboi we have written a software using Keylink database: we
make a database during first transfert of the rushes, then the selection of neg
for final grading is transfered in the same database but with reel numbers
different, the client comes with his Avid EDL based on first trsf time code,
our software converts his EDL into a new one which has now D1 or Digibeta
second trsf time codes, our soft takes care of dissolves varispeed etc... The
client leaves the TK room and goes straight to the edit room.
	 You understand that to make this work you need perfect keycode
reading, especially when you transfert a neg reel made of different film
stocks, sometimes with very short scenes. This soft has been working with
success for more than a year.

	So, buy a Keylink.



	jc at duboi.com