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Re: Elmo

On Nov 8, 17:58, Milton Bazo wrote:
} Subject: Elmo

> Rob, could you please help me? I purchased two Elmo TransVideo 16 
> machines and I need to convert one of them to Super 8 and 8mm. I transfer
> old movie film to vhs. Is there such a thing? I tried to find Elmo on the 
> net and all to no avail. Any help would be appreciated. Milt Bazo
> bazo at ix.netcom.com   http://www.baycoast.com/baycoast/angels.html
> Thanking you in advance. Milt

}-- End of excerpt from Milton Bazo

Milt, I'll post your plea to our telecine internet group, perhaps
someone knows...

TIG subscribers: please ensure your reply goes to Milt, he is not
subscribed to this list, thanks.


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