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RE: Barcode Performance

>In a message dated 11/10/96 2:44:20 AM, Dave wrote:
>> Save Aaton (Aaton can read key#s even if they are brown stains 
>> on toilet paper) 
>I'm sure that JPB will take that as a compliment...  ;-)

If only Kreines-Keleshian Humor Inc. could put an end to the barcode
reading anxiety thread!
This anxiety has been fueled by readers originally designed for 
laboratory roll handling only (excellent at Keycode/Neg-frame indexing,
but poor at Keycode/VideoTC timing).  These readers (still in use in 
telecine facilities) are spreading suspicion over the entire Keycode 
chain, to the point that even film manufacturers stand accused!

Though Keylink does read moribund key#s (Dave Kelechian); though 
it does 'a superb job at timing keycode in a video environment' 
(Christopher Bacon); and though it masters edited/spliced negative 
uncorrelated Keycodes (JC Soret), it can't cure the 
Barcode Confidence Loss syndrome overnight.

Given that situation, the next Keylink software will identify 
the keycode burn-in windows with an Aaton signature: the negative 
cutter will know for sure that his proofing video tape is edited 
from Keylink timed dailies. 
(This mail coming too close to an ad, more on the subject in the next
Aaton vm_lowdown to the TIG).

Jean-Pierre Beauviala          jpb at aaton.com                 www.aaton.com