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Re[2]: Barcode Performance


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Subject: RE: Barcode Performance
Author:  PC:DOCTORPEPPER at msn.com at INTERNET
Date:    11/12/96 10:22 AM

 The justification comes from delivering a superior product to your
client.Cost effectiveness comes from the lack of redo work and from 
working faster with greater confidence in your work.
 You get what you pay for.In the case of Keylink,no other system does
what it can do in allowing chase sync capability.If you don't need to 
deliver the best possible product in the shortest time,you don't need 
  Happy transfers
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Subject: 	re: Barcode Performance
-- [ From: David Keleshian * EMC.Ver #2.5.1 ] --
 I agree the keylink is a fantastic tool. But on the other hand how do I
justify is high cost when 95% of the time I will be using it for 
operations that I cant bill any more than I am now with my present 

     Just to echo Randy said we have five keylinks at Duart and it is the
     best money we ever spent. They are reliable, versatile and dead on
     accurate.You really do pay for what you get.
     Domenic Rom