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Complete Telecine Suite for sale

On the webpage classifieds:


Complete Telecine Suite
Accom   DIS 422 Digital Image Store 
Accom   D-Bridge 122    D1>D2 Encoder
Accom   DIE 125 Digital Image Enhancer
Ampex   VPR 300 D2 Digital Recorder
Sony    APR 5003V       2 Track Audio Recorder w/ timecode
ADC     PPI2224R 75N    2 Video Patch Bays
ADC     PPI2224R 75N    2 Video Patch Bays
ADC     Longframe       1 Audio Patch Bay
ADC     Longframe       1 Audio Patch Bay
ADC     PPI2224RS 75N   Video Patch Panel
ADC     PMPC 1  Data Patch Frame w/ 6 Modules
Auratone        5C      1 Pair Speakers
BGW     150     Stereo Amp
Bosch   TLE 2000        Encoder
Chyron  RGU 2   Character Generator
Chyron  5750    Colorizer / Keyer
Colorgraphics   Da Vinci        Renaissance Color Corrector
Conrac  5722RS13        Video Monitor
Crown   D 150A  Stereo Amp
Dolby Labs      OPU1    Optical Pre-amp
Evertz  4015    Timecode / Keycode Generator
Grass Valley    3400    Video DA Tray w/ 1 PS & 8 DA's
Grass Valley    100 N   Video Switcher w/ control panel
Grass Valley            Sync Generator
Gray Engineering Labs   DT 113  Timecode Transmitter
Gray Engineering Labs   DR 107  Timecode Reciever
Hitachi VM 126 AU       Video Monitor
JBL     4301B   1 Pair Speakers
JVC     BR 7000UR       VHS Hi-Fi Video Recorder
Leitch  SPG 120N        Sync Generator
Magna Tech      MR 636B Interlock Mag Recorder
Mitsubishi      P63UM   Video Copy Processor (Printer)
Panasonic       WJ 225R Video Switcher
Panasonic       TR 124MA        B/W Monitor
Panasonic       TR 930  Video Monitor
Pansonic        WV 763  Triple B/W Monitor
Pro Audio Works TC50 / PAW      Timecode / FM Processor
Rank / Unimedia MKIII Turbo     Telecine
Sanyo   VM 4512 B/W Monitor
Sigma Electronics       VSS 120 Video / Stereo Audio Switcher
Sony    BVU 800 Umatic Video Recorder
Sony    PVM 91  Video Monitor
Sony    PVM 91  Video Monitor
Sony    MXP 21  Audio Mixer
Symetrix        A220    Stereo Amp
Tektronix       1710B   Waveform Monitor
Tektronix       528A    Waveform Monitor
Tektronix       1420    Vectorsco<h2>Various:</h2>
Tektronix       1480R   Waveform Monitor
Timeline        Lynx    Syncronizer
Ultimatte       4       Ultimatte
Lipsner-Smith   1       Film Cleaner Unit
Call Roy Howell at +1 214 869 3330 or email at RHO335 at airmail.net


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