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RE: Barcode Performance

 I must say that your investment of  $40 is far less than that of a Keylink,
but I must say that the Keylink counts backwards and forwards perfectly.
And I would add that with Keylink,getting inaccurate data requires a special
effort.(or none at all). Any system is capable of poor performance if 
used incorrectly.Keylink is by far the most accurate reading and logging
device in the world because of the built in protection from such abuse.By
constantly checking and correcting all data,the Keylink takes care of what
far too many operators fail to do.
 To avoid promoting the system further I will finish by saying that only 
the individual user can justify the expense of any equipment.Keylink users
have expressed their feelings again and again in this forum.I need say 
no more.
  By the way David, I know that you take great pride in your work
because I have worked with you.Any time you want to test the latest 
Keylink system I would be honored have you in my bay.You know where
to find me.
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 Randy Randy.
 I am in partial agreement with you. Yes Keylink is superior only
because of it's versatility. But as far as accuracy goes the CP, Everts,
TLC combo is just as capable. Accuracy is the responsibility of the
Colorist. Keylink is just as capable of poorly logged files as any
 By the way I bought my Daughter a $40. toy that can count backwards.
When is Everts going to figure out how to get there box to count
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