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Russell Squery

In Brasil, it seems many telecine suites are using the Russell Square
from Video Engineering.

I believe the RSQ is also used at a few facilities in London?

I had the chance to see RSQ back in 1991 when I visited VE in London,
and though I was impressed, I wasn't sure of its position in the
market, as it was not a programmer/corrector; if one had already
bought, for example, a daVinci, I wasn't sure where would one find
room for an RSQ, as it was not at the time a programmer.

With which programmer is the RSQ usually paired-- Pogle or Rank desk?

How has the RSQ stood up to the test of time, against daVinci's Power
Windows and Pogle's ESR?

I know of only one RSQ here in L.A., at Dubs Inc. and wonder how they
use it.  Why, if it is so popular in Brasil, has it not captured more
market share here?


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