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RE: Barcode performance

On Nov 17, 20:07, "CHANDLER COONFIELD" wrote:
} Subject: RE: Barcode performance

>  Thank-you Don,
>  It is always a pleasure to hear it from the true authority.And I hope
> the folks at the labs are looking in.
>                    Respectfully,
>                                 Randy Coonfield

>   [200+ lines of previously sent, quoted message deleted]

Randy, I and others appreciate your participation in the group.  

I thought, though, I'd take a moment out for a small internet
email/mailinglist protocol lesson.  

When you reply to a message that has been posted on the list, it's a
good idea to quote the context to which you're responding, but please
trim this down to an **absolute minimum** -- a very general rule is
that the quoted text should not exceed the amount of new text.
Quoting an entire 200 line message, in order to add a couple lines of
general commentary at the top or bottom, is considered poor etiquette
in all forums on the net (news, mailing lists, even private email!),
not to mention an extreme waste of bandwidth.  We have over 600
subscribers to this group, and they don't need to receive messages
more than once.  Please trim it down, even summarize the message
without really quoting it, and then add your commentary.  This is a
good general skill to learn for all your activities on the net.
I realize some people have really bad mail programs and/or editors,
and doing this trimming might be quite difficult -- just do your best.
But please do try.  Not only do people not need to receive multiple
copies of messages as quotes, but excessive quoting also wastes space
in the message archives.


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