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Re: burn flap

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NO, no, no, no , no!  By taping it up you are seriously compromising the burn
cell performance.  The shading errors become unpredictable and you no longer
have a useful burn signal.   A properly working burn cell is actually a very
good thing, note; TWiGi adding burn correction to URSA, and Dave Walker's
"Accuglow", 2 systems for improving burn cell performance tremendously.
Dave Corbitt

>   On 11/17/96 9:53 PM
>   cjcadams at pipeline.com (Chris, Joanne, and Chelsea Adams) 
>   wrote--->
>   re:burn flap
>   Another way is to tape it up to the bottom of the cylinder.  
>   This gets the flap out of the way of the scan, and you can 
>   put it back when you are done.