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Re: Russell Squery

Rob Lingelbach wrote:
> In Brasil, it seems many telecine suites are using the Russell Square
> from Video Engineering.

This is true, in fact Abertura started the trend off down here and
Sergio there has become quite an expert.  I have been working hard with
it at Casablanca on a few jobs that would have been impossible on any
other system.

> I believe the RSQ is also used at a few facilities in London?

Complete, Framestore and a few others.

> I wasn't sure where would one find
> room for an RSQ, as it was not at the time a programmer.

Both Casablanca and Abertura here are using in conjunction with an
Arcas, but I have used in conjunction with daVincis in other parts of
the world.
> How has the RSQ stood up to the test of time, against daVinci's Power
> Windows and Pogle's ESR?

Its probably closer to ESR than Power Windows.  The only other thing I
can say is that I am buying one with my own money for my new facility in
Chile.  Some people have told me that it has the same use as an anchor,
but then, so does a Henry if you can't drive it!

Ken (hiding behind all of the 32 masks) Robinson

Ken Robinson
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