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Re: Re:Free Lance ?

Re >> I would like to know how many free lance colorists are
on the market ?>>> do you have the same impression on your of side
 of the Ocean/Channel ?

There has always seemed to be quite a resistance to using Freelance
telecine people amongst the main Commercials houses in London
which possibly stems from the days when MK111 machines were 
generally a lot more tweakable and varied in their performance and
therefore Management  felt that good results could not always be 
guaranteed. The most successful Freelancers, of a handful, tended
to be good Engineers as well as good Colourists.

The change to the Ursa & Ursa Gold, combined with the advent of
true digital colour processing systems and the increased reliability
they represent, has tended to open more doors for Freelancers as 
the systems themselves have become more standardized and the 
results therefore more predictable. Now it is the individuals creative
talents that can be judged rather than their engineering ability.

There are more people on the market at present but those with the
best reputations tend to strike relationships with particular Houses
and this may be a trend that increases. 

It could also be argued that the growth in Freelance activity is in line
with the increase in the average age of Colourists but maybe thats a
discussion for another time.!!!!!

Seamus O'Kane
VTR Ltd London.