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Stripe performance

You wrote:
>BTW all, On some S16 today I came accross a line going down the neg on
>the Blue channel....  Insignificant in the picture, but interesting. 
>Any ideas?

In the past (13 years ago) we found a faint blue stripe in the Super16 
area of images shot on the just introduced fast color films; 
we finally discovered it was a pressure induced mark taking birth 
in the twisted path of the Aaton LTR camera magazines.
To eliminate that twist we immediatly modified the magazine lacing: 
the pressure marks disappeared and never came back.
These Super16 friendly magazines have been introduced with the 
Super16 XTR cameras which superseeded LTRs as of Oct.1984.

(twelve years... who is still shooting with a video camera this age!)

If the film you are referring to is shot in an Aaton (LTR or XTR ?), 
please verify with the filmmaker if he is not using a pre 1984 magazine. 
He shouldn't, as we warned all our customers about the risk they 
take shooting Super16 images with these film-twisting old magazines.

If the film is not shot in an Aaton... 
I can only tell you that one of our competitors recently introduced a new 
Super16 camera in which the loop twist is quite often inducing 
pressure marks and blue stripes.
Jean-Pierre Beauviala          jpb at aaton.com                 www.aaton.com