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RE>Re: Re:Free Lance ?

Yes it is easier to go freelance expecially in certain parts of the world=
 such as Asia.
I must admit........ that I think that this is not a great idea for high =
end companies.
People,  are a companies most vital asset and without great permanent sta=
ff the company is diluted to a dry hire status. The showreel becomes othe=
r peoples work and not that of the company. (you may disagree)
Part of the job is not just grading skills,  but striking long term relat=
ionships with clients and this takes time. By the short term nature of fr=
eelancing this is not ideal.
There are instances where a freelance colourist is an advantage , like wh=
en a new company starts and needs to impact the local market.
It does seem that going freelance is an evolutionary thing for a lot of c=
olourists who grow tired of the long hours or seek adventure. They often =
have a huge amount of experiance that can be passed on to new companies.
So good luck to anyone thinking of doing this.
Remember the grass is always greener.......!

PS.....My daily rate is quite reasonable ;-)

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