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Re: Russell Squery

Rob Lingelbach wrote:

> If we acknowledge Russell Square's superiority based on your opinion,
> Ken, then I wonder why it hasn't caught on here in the States or the
> UK...

Woooow back Rob, I really don't want to get involved at this level!!! 
Opinions are like belly buttons, we all have one!  Now, maybe the best
thing is to describe what I have been doing here in Brazil:

I have had a number of shoots that needed some help:

1. Take a shot of a man in front of some balloons who was meant to
morph  into another man.  Shoot should have been against Blue screen,
but well you know....  Back ground moved between takes, and also just to
make things a little more interesting the faces were against the pink
balloon, not any other colour of course.  I was able to pull an 80%
clean matt very quickly for the edit box to finish.  

2. Leave single object/s yellow while rest of picture is dark blue.  Of
course you need to see the original, but one shot I was proud of
consisted of 6 snooker balls on table while camera does an MTV style
move.  The man behind the balls was of African origin.

3. Rock video with poorly shot blue in window, client paranoid about
singers skin colour and red wall.  Have to make wall very bright and
red, which pulls window to grey...  Mask off and make blue, then lower
exposure on red trousers which where overlit and blooming in comparison
to singers face.  Most of the shots, the camera was moving.

4. Chesnut horse in front of red jeep, running thru shadows of trees:
Make jeep change colours as it drives, keep horse the same.

I can give a more detailed explanation if people so wish....  Its very
difficult to describe shots and techniques in writing, but I tried.

RSQ could have evolved into a "controller" but I think that Mike didn't
want to take on dV and Pandora directly, so it ended up being a unit
small enough to carry from room to room!  Well the control panel at
least.  And one other thing it is by far the most stable colour
corrector I have worked with.  I demo'd the unit in London, then flew it
to Bangkok and found my list and grading still there, unbacked up, ie
not saved!  Also I have managed to throw 220 volts down the 120 line,
not to mention have had many power failures in Manila to test it, plus
Philippine Airlines bouncing it around, breaking the shipping case on
more than one occasion. 
To conclude.  When I first used it, for three days I woke up in the
middle of the night panicking about the priority of layers, and where
the heck some of them had gone!  Yes its very different, but I now find
it fun to use.

Ken (in the middle of the 20 hr per day Xmas rush!) Robinson.

Ken Robinson
Casablanca Finish		Hotel
Sao Paulo, Brasil
55 11 887 4912 			55 11 284 8622
55 11 887 3483 

Yield to temptation....it may not pass your way again.
     -- Lazarus Long