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Re: Russell Squery

I have heard *RUMORS* that Franko over at VP&T in Dallas has or had one of
these devices. It does some unknown amount of windowing that will let you
keep the daisy's yellow while the little girl is made sepia. 
Of course it could be that I am only into my first cup o' joe and it's 4:45
in the morning. 
Jeff, what part of Alabama are you in, Auburn or Bear Bryant? :)

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> From: JKreines at aol.com
> To: telecine at sun.alegria.com
> Subject: Re: Russell Squery
> Date: Tuesday, November 19, 1996 1:13 AM
> ))Are there any colorists, perhaps in London facilities, who have
> experience with RS, who would corroborate or oppose Ken's views?((
> Or perhaps anyone who'd tell this poor soul in Alabama what the heck a
> Russell Square is?  Is it a place in London, a color corrector, a
> controller, a restaurant, a breath mint, a floor wax, or a pudding?  Or
> than one of the above?
> Confused,
> Jeff Kreines