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Russell Squery.

     "can anyone corroborate ken?"
     Yes! We use RSQ at Framestore in conjunction with Pogle.
     The use of a cursor for selecting key region makes it very h/s/l 
     accurate, and the "cyber shapes" masks come in square,triangle,circle 
     and octagon These masks/windows can be manipulated by adding or moving 
     points, rotated etc. and can be plotted during action to "morph" from 
     one shape into another, from one position to another, with selection 
     or output(grading) changes added. 32 layers may sound a lot but I 
     often use 3-4 for each key to ramp off the grade, this allows for 
     grads or other luminance changes to be made without perceptible 
     edges,(also edges of keys can be made hard or soft).
        The RSQ can also read e.d.l's of up to 400 events making 
     mastergrading extremely fast. Recalling grades from earlier/later in 
     the list gives you a choice of any number of layers to any destination 
     with or without masks/selection/output/edges.You can grade the entire 
     picture on one layer by selecting all, and copy this layer to a 
     second,3rd,4th.. layer, allowing you to do multiple grades instead of 
     using "notes" in pogle to store 2nd pass grades. Sometimes we use it 
     as a legalising clip or to put 1.66, 1.85 masks on. As it has its own 
     destination on the router we can do two grades at the same time, one 
     from pogle, one from RSQ,(if you can ever get 2 vtr's at the same 
     It reads time code/frame info from TK or from vtr and can be switched 
     from 24,25,30fps etc.
     With a Platinum/ESRx8 I would expect to use it less often.
     "Where does it sit in suite?"
     Physically speaking infront of me, routingly speaking anywhere.
     Can't think of any more except that it impresses the pants off most 
     clients; probably hasn't caught on because you don't miss what you 
     haven't had, and it takes a bit of time to get fast on.
     Oh yes, it has a nice effect called psyche where R,G and B can be 
     swapped around to produce wacky looks, great for promos and idents.  
     Can also do limited "K-scope","pearly whites" effect, but I've got 
     K-scope anyway.....
     My spell checker tells me that "routingly" is an Americanism, and 
     apparently Americanism is also an Americanism...must be my mother's 
     roots coming through.
     Russell Square was sadly given it's name when Video Engineering's 
     offices were in russell square, London.
     I hope some this makes sence.......