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Re: Freelance

On Nov 20,  9:10am, steps creative wrote:
> Subject: re: Freelance
> There should be more of a push for freelancers coming from directors and
> The future will see directors using their own freelance  telecine "artists"
> anywhere they go. Freelancers with the edge in advertising high end work
> should be able to fly in anywhere and grab work from top agencies without
> going through the politics of the post prod culture.

	That's right, here in Paris, our clients are not the producers even if
they are the ones who pay, it is DPs and directors because we have been
developping a good relation with them for years, they decide quite often but
not always where they want or don't want to do telecine, this is why we are
getting more and more pressure from them to go freelance as it would be more
simple for them to work with the colorist they want. So, we wonder if...