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Re: Re:Free Lance ?

>>There has always seemed to be quite a resistance to using Freelance
telecine people amongst the main Commercials houses in London

Interesting that replies to this question has been predominantly from
facilities not freelancers. Here is my humble opinion.

It is understandable that high end facilities (who can afford high end
colorists) would prefer and gain from having their own staff. Indeed with the
range of equipment and standardsavailable, it is necesary for us freelancers to
"Audition" facilities before using them. 

The trend towards freelance work has in many cases (but not my own) often been
forced upon colorists through redundancy, facility failures, or unacceptable

The demand for freelancers falls into 2 camps.First. Clients who wish to use a
certain same,colorist, wherever they are working, or who wish to use a colorist
known to them by reputation or experience. This demand is endorsed by even high
end facilities since it brings in not just telecine work, but the possibility
of further post production work. Clients who can afford to do this are usually
working on high profile or "interesting" projects.

The second camp are facilities, who wish to gain from the reputation or
experience of a known colorist either by attracting new clients, or by speeding
up the learning curve of their own colorists.

The advantages a freeance colorist has, include greater exposure to a variety
of working practices; more involvement in production plans; better awareness of
new solutions (from new technology or other markets). 

Ahhh this is going on a bit. In conclusion I would say that the trend for free
lance colorists will increase unless many more colorists come on to the market.
In the perfect world there would be no need for freelancers. IMHO there will
not be the necessary supply of new colorists unless the profile of our
profession is raised to a more public awareness. How many of us had ambitions
to be a Colorist, prior to entering the industry, or indeed the telecine suite!

>>It could also be argued that the growth in Freelance activity is in line
with the increase in the average age of Colourists...

Tsk Tsk. Colorists don't die, they just fade away.....

All the Best
Kevin Shaw
Freelance Colorist and Consultant