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Dig Deflect Sys

Eddie Heywood from Brimar Ltd UK posted details of Brimar`s recommendations
for standby and sleep mode for Mk 3`s with or without the digital
deflection unit and for Turbo 2and URSA machines this info should be in the
archives if you want the full text .

Brimar do not recommend running the crt at 15 micro amp for long periods of
time i.e. overnight or week ends in fact Brimar positively discourages this
practice as this can in some cases lead to short cathode life. Since you
have the facility in the digi deflection system to switch off the crt  you
should do this, (remember to allow a generous warm up time for the crt to
settle down of  up to 1 hour would be best).  

If you have a new crt in the machine any opportunity you get, overnight or
weekends, you should use to burn in the crt until you have say 500 hours or
so on the phosphor this will be beneficial to harden off the phosphor. 
This burn in should be with the raster zoomed out until the raster corners
just fill the screen ie do not over scan, and de-focus,  you can leave the
beam current setting at your normal operating setting if you prefer
although factory burn in is done at 300 micro amp.

Following these guidelines may not result in a "significant improvement"
over the tube life you currently experience but it will certainly help to
prevent early failure.  What life do you currently see and what do you

If any one in the US wants to call me at Cintel Inc Valencia office
directly to discuss in more detail please do so (805) 294 2310 ext 217 or
Eddie Heywood can be contacted by phone on 44 161 681 7072

David Hurst   Cintel Inc