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Re: Re:Free Lance ?

It could become a situation similar to what has happened in audio recording.

In the old days, you used the engineer who came with the studio, no
exception.  These days, studios will either supply an engineer (usually not a
"name" engineer) or just an assistant.  For most record projects, the
producer chooses the engineer, and together they choose a facility.
 Freelance is very common, as is the use of multiple studios for different
things - tracking vocals at one place, drums elsewhere, mixing at a
mix-oriented studio with good automation.  Often gear is important -- a good
collection of vintage tube mics (not the same thing as a collection of
vintage tube telecines, you Brimar fans!), old analog Neves or APIs for
tracking, SSLs or Euphonix for mixing.

Every year there are a couple of hot new engineers, usually pretty young, and
not that well paid until they get points on a project that hits.  Many of
them burn out pretty quickly, and have a "career" that may last 3 or 4 years.
 (Long hours, drugs, dealing with music business politics...)

Jeff Kreines