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Re: Dig Deflect Sys

>If you have a new crt in the machine any opportunity you get, overnight or
>weekends, you should use to burn in the crt until you have say 500 hours or
>so on the phosphor this will be beneficial to harden off the phosphor. 
>This burn in should be with the raster zoomed out until the raster corners
>just fill the screen ie do not over scan, and de-focus,  you can leave the
>beam current setting at your normal operating setting if you prefer
>although factory burn in is done at 300 micro amp.

>David Hurst   Cintel Inc

Can Cintel sell tubes that are "pre burned in" (perhaps 200 hours or more)
so that the phosphors might be a little more hardened than a "vigin" tube,
if we give you enough advance notice?  Luck has had it in some facilities
I've worked at, a new tube goes in and the first job that often gets booked
by scheduling has the potential of being a tube torture test (i.e. 30fps
16:9 Super 35mm, or something like 1 scan line Tube Death). When places run
24 hours 7 days, it is sometimes difficult, or impossible, to get much "burn
in time".

With the Digital Deflection, Dave Walker warns that one should not zoom the
raster all the way out, and flood the tube, like many people were doing at
one point with the stock Cintel scans.  Not only is it totally unecessary,
it also can cause the Digital Deflection to draw around 1 kilowatt. So, like
David Hurst suggests, I would perhaps bring the raster corners to fill the
screen, but I would not go further. Ideally, the largest normal still scan
size you'll likely be using is sufficient. 

Some good news is that with Accuglow burn correction, abused (but otherwise
still sharp) tubes can produce excellent pictures for quite some time.  I
put one in a room (with standard scans) that had done enough small patch
jobs that Festival could no longer help the burn. But, Accuglow took it out.
It has the potential of making tubes last much longer without suffering the
eventual tube grain artifacts of too much Festival (or older Cintel burn
system) correction. It's amazing that the stock Cintel Burn Cell can work so
very well. Now if I could just buy Accuglow for URSA....