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Re: Russell Squery

> Kevin Shaw wrote:
 >They are also often places where
 > my esteemed friend Ken has worked.
 Actually, only one place in the world and that was in Manila.  Hi,
 >  However, many users complain that it is slow
 > and complex,
 I would say that there are colorists who complain.....
 Regarding operation of RSQ....  Yes, as I said before I had nightmares
 for three days.  If you are using it for normal grading it is just
 as quick as using any other corrector.  Of course, once you get into
 complicated stuff, as I was describing in my other posting, it gets
 slower.  Example of my pink balloons:  It took me about 45mins to cut a
 matte from a multitude of backgound colours on two scenes, with a fair
 amount of movement of the subject.  Henry artist then took two more
 hours to clean up what I had given her.  The good news was that she
 estimated it had saved her about 5 hrs of rotoscoping.
 >and as a result my opinion is that it is probably better placed in
 > an edit/henry suite than the telecine, s that its use is on selects
rather than
 > rushes.

Yes, edit/Henry is possible, but I would go for another seperatesuite
 with a second control panel so that the mainframe could be share, if
 you have a fully loaded Telecine suite.  And yes, if I am doing pecial
 effects with it I definitely prefer concentrating on the take rather
 than the scenes if its complicated.

> > (Unless your colorist has a better knowledge of it than you editor - eh Ken :-) ? )

 And here is the statement which really fits - eh Kevin ;-)
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