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Re: Freelancers

The problem with freelancers is the ability for post house to 
maintain cutting edge equipment and services.
If the market went to being freelance dominated, then post 
houses would become just advanced equipment rental houses, 
a position with no margins and no source of creative advantage.

It may be great for the small handfull of top freelancers but as
an industry is would lead to major problems for the facilities 
themselves, to say nothing of the lack of training of new colourist.

One of the reasons that audio has gone that way IMHO is that
the cost of gear has fallen so much - but with the price of Telecine
suites and associated gear, it is hard to imagine many facilites being
able to justify the constant re-investment without some security.

Colourist need to become more part of collabrative process not less.
Isolating colourist from the Flame / 3D teams is a very dangerous 
move in these times of rapid technological shift.  Colourist need
to be more involved with the creative stages, freelancers will always
have a limited role in anything other than the inital grade and transfer
- yet many spots can spend weeks in post.

Mike Seymour                       
Omnicon, Sydney                    
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