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Re: Monitor Speakers

>like to poll the group for suggestions on makes and models of speakers and
>Dave Corbitt
I am also interested in this,  especially for center channel speakers when
monitoring LCRS sound for features.  We are using the JBL 4412As currently,
which are working well for our needs.  But, the hard part is to be able to
mount the center speaker (which is unshielded) above the monitor without
distorting the monitor below. The speaker and monitor are about four feet
apart, but the speaker still can distort the monitor slightly. Mu metal
voodoo magic works, but is quite a pain to implement.  Is anyone aware of
shielded speakers suitable for Telecine monitoring, especially in the center
above the monitor?  For amps, we are using Haflers or Yamahas.

Craig Nichols
Todd-AO Video Services