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Re: Large Screen Projection

>Large Screen Projection               Date:  11/8/96
>Last week I saw a demo of the new high powered DLP ( TI micro mirror ) based
>video projector from Digital Projection, a company that used to be a division
>of Rank Brimar.  The unit uses a large Xenon lamp as the light source and is
>capable of extremely bright images.  The unit does still have some quirks and
>what looks like design problems that I can only assume will eventually be
>fixed.  For example,  dark parts of the image have an overall light scatter
>problem that tends to elevate the brightness of those dark areas reducing the
>contrast ratio.  Colorimetry was a bit off with Orangy reds ( improperly
>selected dichroic beam separators? ) but the seamless quality of the images,
>the flicker free display, the resolution, the image brightness and the 
>smoothness of the images was very impressive.  The visible pixels of LCD
>projectors was not a problem here.  Also scan lines are gone due to the micro
>mirror pixels being so close to each other that there is essentially no seam
>between.  There are a number of manufacturers with products in the works
>utilizing the new TI technology, most of them not as powerful as the one from
>the ex-Rank Brimar division.  As an advocate of moving to larger displays in
>Post Production, it was a treat to see this system in action.  A smaller
>version with better black levels and better primary colorimetry would be a
>good thing in telecine suites in my opinion.
>Dave Corbitt


With the difficulty we have all had agreeing upon monitoring standards in 
the color correction suite, not to mention a completely different set of 
(rough) colorimetry guidelines used in producing consumer monitors, I am 
concerned about how representative this new technology would be of the 
"average" viewing conditions of the intended audience.  Would you care to 

Tim Bond

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