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Re: Monitor Speakers

If you're looking for a peerless professional monitor, I suggest Meyers
HD-1's.   They are self powered, two-way, acoustic suspension.  $5000/pair.
 And worth it.

Not peerless, but bullet-proof and honest, try Tannoys. 

For those who are concerned about getting shielded speakers and for those
considering a full surround sound setup in telecine, you will likely have to
choose from high quality consumer models.   I suggest B&W speakers.  If I am
not mistaken, Duetsche Grammaphone (sp?) still uses them for critical
monitoring.   They are very high quality, ported.   If you're going to go
through the trouble of building surround capability in the room, you might
also make sure you are up to date and can decode the AC-3 surround scheme.

Also, I have heard that Westlake is now building speakers designed for
surround sound use.  I do not know if they are shielded.  They are just now
entering the consumer market, and might better understand the needs of

As for amps, my feeling is that the demands that are placed upon
manufacturers who wish to display the "THX" logo are quite high, and I would
feel comfortable using most any amp displaying this logo, even in a
commercial setting.  (As long as the ins and  were not -10 RCA connectors)
 Hafler amps are great.