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Re: Monitor Speakers

In our new room (TC-4) we had the budget to install a good audio system. One that was AC-3 monitoring 
ready. Were still waiting for a affordable AC-3 decoder. The system consists of 3 Westlake BBSM-8's. (L,C,R) 
and 2 JBL (I forgot the model) surround speakers and 2 Bag END 10" subs. The amps are all Halfers, Room EQ by 
Rane ,Dolby SDU-4 for surround decoding, and Bag End ELF-M sub woofer crossover. This is all driven from a 
Yamaha (aircraft carrier) O2R Digital board.
	The center speaker sits about 4 feet away from a Sony BVM-2811 monitor and once it was degaussed after 
the speaker installation we have not have any interference.

Howard Lukk
IVC, Burbank