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HiRes color correction

To All:

I read with interest the comments re: color correction (CC) practices
that may be used for HiRes in the future. 

I agree with Willi Willinger's comment that clients will not feel
comfortable with the "Photo Shop" approach, and Kevin Shaw's thought
that waiting for the image to change  and the corrections to take effect
can greatly influence judgment. 

It seems to me that to approach HiRes CC by using compression techniques
is in effect defeating the purpose of transfering HIRes. With todays
acceleration technology moving ahead so fast, why not just accelerate
the process to bring it up to or close to real time and not compromise
and/or corrupt the data?

There are companies today that have developed reprogrammable logic
technologies. They place one add on board into the computer to
accelerate multiple functions by employing different instantly loading
algorithms to accelerate each separate function. 

By using this technology, hardware costs are kept at a minimum and
results at a maximum. I imagine that daVinci or Pogle will want to use
this approach to keep them ahead of the HiRes curve.

At any rate IMHO don't compress, accelerate.

Howie (Nice Shoes) Burch